About PeaKeen

About PeaKeen

Leo, the founder of PeaKeen, was born and raised in China in the late 90s, just like his peers: he was born in an ordinary family in Sichuan Province.

When he was a kid, he looked at the white-collar workers in the city, they wore work badges as a symbol of their status and aspired to it. Because in those days, people lived in lack of food and clothing and material scarcity, white collar means plenty of food and clothing and did not have to bend one's back for two taels of rice. In those days, it was Leo's childhood dream to have his own work badge.

In college, he discovered that most company badges had evolved into lapel pins. When he graduated, he also received his first lapel pin, which he treasured.

After graduating from university, Leo immediately came to Zhongshan Xiaolan, the manufacturing capital of Chinese hardware, and started his career. He reverse-engineered from office to factory to gain a deeper understanding of the process.

At that time, the factory was only responsible for manufacturing, and could not meet the diversified needs of customers. Meanwhile, the factory had some defects in the process, and could not meet the needs of customers in the design, packaging, transportation, and other links.

PeaKeen Founding

So, he founded PeaKeen in 2012 in order to better serve his customers. he came up with the concept of one-stop service, one-stop shopping, etc. Helping customers solve all their pain points.

PeaKeen enhanced the shipping process in 2016. Complete one-stop service from design - production - shipment - customs clearance - tax declaration, so that customers do not need to spend more time.

In 2018, PeaKeen has expanded from metal crafts to full gifts, with thousands of products available. Suppliers up to 20+ factories.

At the same time, the price war in the market is becoming more and more severe, and the low profit in exchange cannot maintain the normal expenses of the company, so most companies/factories reduce the quality, reduce the service, delay the delivery time, and lack of goods.

As a result, many customers changed suppliers frequently and the performance declined significantly.

PeaKeen's commitment to quality and service has won the approval of many customers. Among them are Carlsberg, Leburg, Tour de France, Vodafone, Converse, and other well-known companies.

This has allowed PeaKeen's market to expand rapidly and to date, it has worked with more than 1,000 companies in more than 50 countries.



A Dedicated Team with Extensive Experience

In the development of PeaKeen for more than 20 years, our team is growing until today, we can proudly announce that in the field of foreign trade, we have 15 foreign trade salesmen, 3 designers, 2 QCs personnel, and 3 order followers. In the field of production, we have 8 factories, including 3 own factories and 5 cooperative factories, with more than 200 workers.